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Technical Sessions

Where technical knowledge finds its audience … and vice-versa!


24th October 2018


Van Der Valk hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4b
1831 Diegem


Planning: 13uh30 until 17h30
Free parking spaces around the hotel or underground.
Coffee breaks and network drinks are included.


What’s new:

Qlik has been busy reinventing itself lately and with two great new releases they swamped us with fresh features. We’ll tell you all about it and show you the best practices.


Qlik Sense Enterprise just got a lot cloudier! We introduce two new highly-elastic and scalable cloud environments for consumption and interaction: Qlik Sense Enterprise for elastic deployments & Qlik Cloud Services.

Big Data Index:

It’s the new secret sauce that allows all of your data to be brought together and fully indexed to find all the possible associations in the data, across all your data sources. Qlik has now expanded this capability to handle data sources of immense size. Let’s taste this together during our AMTS.

Dual Use:

Using QlikView for a while now and ready for the next step? We launch Qlik Dual Use, a new tempting offering where QlikView and Qlik Sense can be used at the same time, alongside each other.

Qlik Core:

We’ll also introduce you to the new kid on the block, Qlik Core! Qlik Core is a set of components that allows software developers to easily integrate and scale the power of Qlik’s Associative Engine for their own software and platform projects. Let’s dive into that with a real-life demo!



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